Fake Counterfeit Bird Flu Vaccines

Well if you have been watching pretty soon we will all die of that Bird flu thing. Meanwhile some folks on the Internet are attempting to sell bogus sugar pills as Bird Flu Vaccine. Forget expecting the FBI and FTC to take care of them, they are still trying to reduce the SPAM in your email box?

So Bird Flu is on its way via airmail from migrating birds and so you order you special Bird Flu Vaccine online like a good parent for the family? Yet you find out the bird flu vaccine is for the birds, as it is the original Fake Counterfeit Bird Flu Vaccine from some Internet Spammer? Oh great, now you are going to fall victim to Bird Flu and like the other 150 million predicted to die, your soul will fly away along with all the culled chickens?

But what the heck Roche cannot make enough of the Tamiflu drug anyway to stop the N5H1 Bird Flu anyway. That is the bird flu virus, which is predicted to mutate to kill people? How do they know this unless those Spammers are screwing their chickens to create the mutated bird flu, before they come and screw all of us with their Fake Counterfeit Bird Flu Vaccines? Think on it.

Lance Winslow - EzineArticles Expert Author

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