Using Feng Shui to Embody Your Inspiration

Who inspires you, who makes you envious? The answers will
help you design your life!

If there's someone who inspires you, or someone you envy -
that is your heart giving you a clue as to what you want
more of in your life. These questions will help you embody
your inspiration.

1. Who inspires you?

2. What is it about their life that resonates most
strongly? Is it what they are doing, or is it how they are

3. What could you do to incorporate more of this into your

4. The Helpful People & Travel area of your home or office
is a good place to put symbols of people who inspire you.
It could be a photograph, you could place their name on a
piece of paper in a silver box, use an example of their
work, or place something symbolic there.

5. The Children & Creativity area relates to projects and
creativity. Place a symbol of what this person represents
to you there.

6. The Knowledge & Self-Cultivation area represents
awareness and knowledge. Place a symbol of the inspiration
you would like to embody in this area of your home.

You can place these enhancements in that particular area of
your home, or of a room, such as your office or bedroom.
Those two rooms are where people usually spend the most
time, so will have a greatest impact on you.

For a visual representation of the various areas of the
Bagua, what they represent and how to find them in your
home, see:

Maximizing the Power of Your Enhancements

1. Get clear about what you want to create.

2. Make sure the area is clutter free.

3. Place your enhancements with intention - it makes them
much more powerful.

4. Make space for insights, awareness and creative ideas to
come to you. You can do this by taking time to just 'be' -
no errands, emails or to-dos!