Epson Stylus Photo R200 review

Epson Stylus Photo R200
Product Review by Les Lewellyn

On a Sunday afternoon a few months ago I was sitting at my computer working on a new song. I noticed outside the sky was getting black and there was thunder in the distance. I told myself that I'd turn off the computer if the storm got closer. So a few minutes went by and I got up and went in the kitchen to get myself a drink. Thunder struck close by and I practically ran to my computer but before I got there lightning struck the phone line in which the dsl was connected to and ran through my computer. I immediately turned the smoking machine off and waited until the storm was over to access the damage.

Luckily for me the computer's motherboard and processor were fine. The only thing I lost was my printer port and the nic card. I was happy with my printer at the time but there was no way for me to check it out and see if it was screwed up or not. So I decided to hold off getting a new printer port and find myself a good USB printer instead. After several months of waiting Epson released the Photo R200 which has all of the features a musician would want. Namely it can print straight onto printable cds and it does an awesome job. I can now burn cd singles and print a professional looking cd to send out to radio stations as promos. No more ugly labels that wrinkle and get hung up inside peoples cd players. The printer comes with all the software needed to create some very cool cds and covers. The software allows for you to import your own photos and type so you are held to the restraints of their artwork! The coverage is perfect and beautiful. For an individual or band wanting to one off a few cds this is a dream come true. However if you are going to do hundreds you'd be better off jobbing it out.

The Epson Photo R200 also does a great job printing digital pictures, brochures, business cards and whatever else you want to print. The price is affordable and brings direct on disc printing to musicians and music lovers at a price that cannot be beat. It's pretty fast too. It will easily print one of my cds with full coverage in about a minute. It uses six seperate ink catridges designed to lower the cost of refills. The printer bleeds 4x6, 5x7, 8x10 and letter size. It connects to a standard rear USB port quickly and easily. It comes with a cd with all necessary drivers and software. If you are in the market for an incredible cd printer then try this one out! I've heard horrible stories about some of the other manufacturers printers but I can tell you this one does the job.
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