Gamble On Freewill.

Gamble on freewill. By Michael Levy.

Is life one big gamble, a game of chance?
Do we really possess freewill?
Two questions that require an authentic answer and are they connected in any form or manner?
The environment which we expect to find gamblers, is in a casino.

People go to a casino to place their bets on games of chance. The choice the person has is limited to the number of games being played.

For example, let's say the casino has twenty different games of chance such as blackjack, roulette, wheel of fortune and baccarat etc.

Also; there are twenty different types of slot machines to play. The punter has freewill in choosing the way in which their money is gambled,but the freewill is limited to the games in that building. Therefore the freewill is not all that free. It cannot conjure up its own games to play. It must adhere to house rules and play what is available in that structure.

The first time, inexperienced player, will rely totally on luck and play what they believe they enjoy. Most times they will go home broke, but a few do have what is known as "beginners luck" This will set the scene to ensure they will be back for more at a later date.

As they become more experienced after many loses, they will realize that some games give better odds of winning. The more experience they become in calculating the odds of winning, the more they increase their chances of winning. Their freewill has now narrowed down the choices of game to play to one or two. They will study all the percentages of play and will start to time their bets in an organized manner. This does not ensure they will win, but it does increase the odds in their favor.

They become known as a professional gambler and many times, if they continue to win, they will be banned from most casinos. Now their freewill has no more choices, for there is no place to exercise it. It got too clever for its own good and the choices all disappeared.

What can we gleam and learn from our experience inside the casino?

Well, lets change the word casino to the word..... Earth. We all live in earths structure and have the freewill to choose all the games that nature provides. The games are designated under different categories. For example we all need food and nourishment, housing for shelter, and a means of purchasing or bartering for all our requirements that make up a wholesome, enjoyable life style. These, amongst many other games have become our wagers of opportunity.

The decisions we make will have a positive or negative outcome. We are using our freewill to place our bets on any given action. We are relying on the luck of the draw to become a winner.

The inexperience player in life's earth games labeled..... living, will rely on finding out things for themselves. These folks have to put their hand in the fire to find out if it is really hot. The lucky ones do not get burnt the first time because they had "beginners luck" but eventually their luck runs out.

Life becomes a series of struggles that include many heavy loses. You will often hear these
people say "I want to live how I want to live and to hell with the consequence" They believe in continuing to exercise their freewill, but with no experienced guide to show them how to play the game, they are, day in and day out, on the losing side of the game, until death relieves them of their formidable, oppressive freewill.

Then there are the experienced folks in life's game. Their views and knowledge have been carefully and meticulously accumulated throughout
their lives. Their judgments have been formulated by other people in the form of holy books or scientific finding.

The doctrines have been passed on from generation to generation, with, over time, a few added amendments that increase the narrowness of the view...Thus limiting the free will to their solitary game. They have found that playing their own personal tribes game, brings the best rewards.

They now have the odds stacked in their favor and win more often than they lose because they are in a professional group. But, along comes the boss (nature/spirit/God) and finds out they are taking more from the house than is allowed. The original point of the game was to put more back into the establishment ...not take more out of its creation.

If the boss does not ban this person or organization from its structure, it will go bankrupt ... So the experienced player is prohibited from that game and can no longer exercise its freewill...It has expired out of being too clever for its own good.

Some folks will call all the games we play destiny. They will say it is all predetermined, therefore freewill is of no consequence. They accept what is given to them and do not try and beat the house. If everything is prearranged then it means there are no free choices.

Well, that surmounts to fixing the games and I believe that is illegal in common law? It also may not be part of any universal natural law, for nature is both unified and random at every given

So what are we to do. Where do we place our bets. Is it destiny, is it random, is it unified, do we have to gamble with our freewill?

On the surface it seems no matter what direction we go in, we will either perish in poverty and ignorance or expire out of being too experienced, intellectual and affluent.

Well, how about we stop gambling and allow our freewill to play all the games of life in the manner they are meant to be played. This means we have to release the mind of its experiences of past dogmas and doctrines.

All the great dynasties have succumbed to annihilation and extinction....They have been banned from earths house because they became too much of an expert and thought they could break all the other banks... Over time, after much mayhem and destruction they bankrupted themselves. Therefore, we should ascertain, conjuring up our own egotistical, freewill games, is a futile, vain pursuit.

Perhaps we all need to come together in our earthly house and find out how to stop speculating and turn the earthly casino we have built through our civilization back into the Garden Of Eden that it is meant to be... Put more in than we take out.

Play the games just for the joy and love of it, with no thought of winning over anyone else.

Not taking more or less than our given share.

With the understanding that freewill has limitations within the choices nature provides for us, we can all progress and expand in a natural manner.

Life is certainly not a gamble and destiny has no benefit, nor power, over our physical lives... in its short existence on earth.

A lifetime passes by far too quickly and we cannot afford to make it a gamble or a game of chance. Every effect will have a cause and once we find the cause, we can work on releasing the effect.

To only treat the effect is pandering to the bettor, so that they continue to gamble and never get better... Whilst a few "treaters" get more powerful and a greater influential effect.

When we remove the cause of humanities ill- founded doctrines and dogmas (The gambling mind of be-lie-f systems)...Then and only then... Can we withdraw the gambles and speculations in our every day life and live with truth beyond be-lie-f.

Now, is there anyone who would care to wager it is possible do that?

About the Author: Michael's new book "THE JOYS OF LIVE ALCHEMY" will be published 1st June Live alchemy or divine chemistry provides metaphysical, philosophical, scientific, religious, intellectual and intelligent meaning to the connection between heaven and earth. Live alchemy permits a person to change a dark negative into a beautiful colorful positive picture. The meanings have an impact on a persons life.