Get Your Feet Wet This Way

So you want to be a speaker! You want to present Keynotes
and seminars. You want the travel and adventure. You want to stay
and to speak in the nicest hotels. You want to meet lots of new
people, interesting people. Speak for public seminar companies!

Are you willing to work hard for modest money? Would you
like a speaking/ seminar business education available no other way?
This is the best way I know to become a national or international
speaker faster. I did it for five years in the early 1980s. Speak
for public seminar companies!

This work is difficult, challenging, exciting, fun-and
exhausting. When you do 8 to 10 full-day seminars in a 2-week
period, each in a different city, taking as many as 3 flights in an
evening between cities, you attain a deeper understanding of
exhausting. If you want to learn the speaking/seminar business and
be paid to do it, this is the place.

Who might hire you? The best way to find out is to have your
friends save all the seminar brochures they receive-and give them to
you. What will they pay you? From a low of $200-$250 a day to $1000
or more a day if you are good at hustling product from the back of
the room.

What qualifications do you need? First, be already good at
handling and teaching audiences of from 25 to 300. And have the
proof in hand. A 2 hour uninterrupted video of you live is a fine
start. I mean you addressing and holding the interest of a real,
bona-fide audience.

It helps a lot if you're already an expert at platform
mechanics. It's great if you're an expert at a topic. And if you
can speak with minimum notes for a 6 hour day. Public Seminar
companies tend to have already developed topic titles and seminar
manuals, ready-to-go.

Yes, as a rule you present their seminars, not yours. In
time, after you prove your skills, you might be able to present your
own stuff if they want it. They may pay you a low 4-figure fee for
the program you write. Then, they want to own that program. And
they may want other presenters to facilitate it if it proves to be
popular. Capping that, expect them to want to own the copyright to
the Program Manual you wrote. Welcome to the real world.

They may pay you an extra $100 per program when you present
your own material. And maybe something extra when others present
your program.

They want high-energy seminar leaders with style and wit.
People who learn fast and who can delight all kinds of audiences all
over North America and, often, overseas, too.
You're expected to show up without fail no matter what the
weather or which flights are canceled. Many of us have driven a
rental car all night between cities through the worst storms. Then,
on no sleep, showered and presented. Fun, huh?

As for expenses, they generally (not always) send you your
air tickets and pay your hotel sleeping room bills direct. (Room and
tax only) Incidentals are on your bill. Expect a per diem of around
$40-$50 to cover all your meals and incidentals including
transportation to and from the airport.

The travel, the experience, the pure adventure of being a
seminar speaker, yield a matchless high. The joy of mastering each
day's challenges brings out the best in you. The high caliber
friendships you form with men and women of quality and accomplishment
are priceless.

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