Early humanity lived in small villages, often isolated from outside human contact. This phase of our development helped to create unique cultures and languages. Of course, each group had their strengths and weaknesses. By modern standards, each group also had their good points and bad points.

Later, humanity traveled to distant lands [ often in war ]. This meeting of cultures , both in conflict or peace, created the beginning of a [ melting pot ]. Today with mass air travel, and instant communication by phone or computer, we must now realize that we are all living on the same small planet. That melting pot effect is now called globalization.

I need not remind you that we are still meeting other cultures both in peace and war! Maybe some day we will resolve that, but that is not the point of this article.

As we realize that the melting pot / globalization is still going on, and at a faster pace then before, where do we go from here? If the human race is heading towards a oneness, what will that be like?

I suggest that the best way to go is by the process of intergration. That is, taking the very best from each culture and melting that into our lifestyle and lives. The East and West often have opposite approaches to life. The East has a wonderful, mystical spirituality but often lives in poverty. The West has a great sense of science and economics but is often starved for spirit.

So as we continue to meet each other in both war and peace, and as the planet moves further into globalization, let us not just kill each other, but also borrow and take the best of each culture into the future!

About the Author: Jerry is a professional shaman. He publishes a free online magazine and newsletter dealing with shamanism and holism as they apply to life and business. You can reach the publication at this address: