Let Go Of The Past: List to Remember, Part 2 of 5

Lithuanian genius Tadas Talaikis shares the second item in his amazing List to Remember.
The on-line coaching of Lithuanian Tadas Talaikis has made a tremendous difference in my life. In the past year, I have lost 40 pounds, stopped antidepressant and anxiety medication, overcome negative thinking and terrible fatigue, and now feel as free and happy as a little child. In his second item on his List to Remember, Tadas shares a powerful way --- the ONLY way --- of overcoming your past.

Be sure to listen: Do you hear his Lithuanian accent? Please accept and read his words thoughtfully, not "translating" them into the usual English/American way of expression; they will open up new worlds of meaning for you, just as they are! Read his words carefully and with an open mind, and your life will change, as mine has!

2. You can't change any previous second of your life. No matter how hard you will try, you can't change any previous second of your life. You can't do anything about your past. So why worry? No matter what awful things you experienced in your past, you can't change one moment of it. You can change your point of view only. You can disagree with this truth and live further worried about what you have done wrong. Or you can accept this truth and live in peace with all your past life.

This has been a clear call to living in the present for me. Once I let go of my past with its abuse from others and dumb stuff I did to myself, I found will, energy and excitement to live today and plan for tomorrow. My depression, anxiety and fatigue simply disappeared!

Can't wait for the other items on the List to Remember? You can read the entire list, and other amazing articles, on Tadas' website, www.powerstressmanagement.com Enjoy!

Next week: 3. There can't be two things in one place.

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Glenda Ball holds a "doctorate" from The University of Hard Knocks, with concentration in being a successful single mom.