15 Reasons Why Salesmen Are The Best Lovers

Over the centuries, salesmen have had not the best of reputations.

I've often wondered why this might be, as they are such truly wonderful persons, possessing many amazing skills and talents that quite elude the majority of the population.

Now, I have come to realise that this has been counter propaganda by many a cuckolded husband down the ages, and think it's time this was set to rights!


Here are 15 reasons why salesmen ARE the best lovers because ...

Salesmen are the best lovers because:

Salesmen are fearless.

They know how to give you their undivided attention.

They don't take rejection personally.

They treat you like you were the only one ...

Salesmen always find a way to get you really, REALLY excited.

They always "go for gold".

They can make the simplest thing last all afternoon.

Salesmen are enthusiastic.

And very hard working!

They get to know you so they know how they can please you best.

Salesmen don't give up easily - if at all.

Salesmen do it with a smile!

They are always hungry for more.

They know how to "pump themselves up" before they go to it.

They take all the time you need to get you there.

Salesmen make the best of what they've got.

They don't take "NO!" for an answer ...

... and they always look on the bright side of life!

May your days be happy, and your sales plentiful!

Silvia :-)

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