Understanding Tarot: Seeing Beyond the Myths

There are many misconceptions surrounding the Tarot that have caused much debate. For the past 15 years I have used the Tarot as an instrument to gain understanding and insight. In this time I have had to grow into this tool also, learning through experience what it can and cannot do. Tarot is not a fortune telling device as often depicted. It is not a magic wand that lays out an easy future by providing all the answers in advance. The future is not set in stone, our use of free will determines what directions we take and if we believe otherwise, we give our power away to circumstance.

Simply put, Tarot is an instrument used to gain deeper insight & understanding through symbology and exploration. It is a tool for personal transformation through the combined usage of psychology and spirituality. It enhances awareness, and in the process expands horizons by highlighting choices and scenarios by laying it all out before us. Living an empowered life means understanding that the future is not entirely predestined. I believe we come here knowing and allowing ourselves to have certain experiences, but we also shape those experiences through integration of what we have learned. Just like a grade in school, you have certain objectives and lessons that are part of the goal plan. Some students will succeed, others will not make the goal, but each student shapes his/her own learning experience through effort and application. Tarot, when used properly, was never intended to be