Revealed: How To Rise From The Ashes Of Hurricane Katrina

Water. Water. Water everywhere. Did I mention there's water here. The storm is over, but the clean up has just begun. Hurricane Katrina really put the boots to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. What's leftover is a cross between a plugged toilet bowl and a straight to video tornado movie.

The answer I want to reveal is:

How to rise from the ashes of Hurricane Katrina.

1. First thing I want to say is that mother nature just showed New Orleans who's in charge.

2. This one is going to be obvious: Never build on low ground, especially below sea level.

3. If you fail to follow #2 , what is your plan to get to high ground.

4. Yes, I understand that your life as you used to know it, is over. Please take some success advice: Learn from this. Turn it into your benefit.

Start that job you have always wanted. Build that house you never got a chance to build. Live in the area of the country that you want.

Think of this as a fresh start.

A clean slate.

Your personal property can be replaced. (p.s. I know that photos, heirlooms etc...can't)
But T.V.'s, stereo's, cars, clothes can.

Here is your chance to get a "do over".

Knowing what you know now, what will you do differently?

I can guarantee that for some people this will be the best thing that ever happened to them.

I also guarantee that for some people this will be the worst thing that ever happened to them.

How will you rise from the ashes of Hurricane Katrina?

5. The Federal Government is going to bail you out, so eventually all your crappy stuff will be replaced.

6. Thank all of the people who have donated their time, food, water and clothing. Once you are on your feet again, remember to pass it forward to someone else and return the help.

7. There will always be something. And by something I mean storm, flood, loss of job, sickness... etc. It's how we react that will determine what happens next. Once you finish reading this, if you only remember 2 things:

How can I learn from this.

How can I benefit from this.

Yours for success,

Owen Stobbe

About the Author: Learn how to rise from the ashes and start on your path to success.