Summertime and the Living is easy

Mrs. Jones, 92 yrs old

Summertime, and the living is easy,,,

Funny how many of my newsletters or articles are inspired by music lol.

Thank goodness it is summertime (almost)! The living this summer will require a bit more of digging into our spiritual toolbox for ways to cope with the war situation and rising prices. Can we do it? You betcha!
Do we have many things to be concerned about? sure, but at least our clothing is lighter, greenery and lovely
flowers abound in most areas. :-)

Last month's article "Bitter or Better" is still available if anyone would like a copy, or friends can email me
requesting to be placed on the Metaphysical Newsletter, just have them put that in the subject line. :-) We very much appreciate you referring this newsletter to friends.

The state of affairs of our country and world indicates Lightworkers still have much work to do, for those that
aren't Lightworkers at this time, there seems to be a huge wake up call happening even as I type.

Our Military, wherever they are stationed throughout the world (but especially in the Middle East) and also
any American Contractors abroad, need all the prayers, blessings or even a simple "keep them all safe" that you
can do several times a day. Our Government Leaders and our Country can also use prayers and/or blessings.
There is much power in unified thought, blessings and/or prayers!

What is a Spiritual Toolbox one might wonder? It is the arsenal that we build, silently, and affirm quietly, that does no harm, to ourselves, loved ones or the world. I have specific prayers of protection that I am happy to pass out, just email me for them. Every random or act of kindness,
every good deed we do, is a blessing that will return to us, either from that person, or someone we don't even know many years later, well after we've forgotten all about it.

A series of affirmations can be placed in your Spiritual Toolbox, such as:

My Life and Affairs are in Divine Order

Life rewards me with abundance.

I am a Radiant Being of Light.

Add to those any affirmations that you already use that enrich your life and uplift your energy and spirit. If you aren't using affirmations at this time, make a list for yourself; it only takes a short time of applying attention to this, and just when you need it most the *right* one will pop up in your thoughts utomatically.

Here is a verse that I hope you will enjoy.

Walking in The Light

When your world is rocking and you feel fright, Surround yourself in a circle of Golden/White light

This is your protection either day or night. Light will always penetrate the darkness, that's right!

I saw a glimpse of the heavens, never thought one might... Until a Near Death Experience granted me the sight.

Heaven is a real place bathed in glorious and brilliant light. Souls there are gentle, as a feather floating out of sight.

We each have a job to do in the world that will require our might. So everyday, encircle yourself in Golden/White light.

Your own light will grow and shine very bright, As you elevate yourself, take the hand of a friend and hold on tight.

Each person you meet will benefit if you are walking in the light. Each path you cross will be better for meeting, a laser beam of light.