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Create a Harmonious Relationship Create & Maintain a Conscious Love Relationship - 1 Create & Maintain a Conscious Love Relationship - 2 Learning from a Relationship Breakdown Women's and Men's Complaints about Each Other Understanding the Sexes Relationships and Need Conflicts Relationships and Life Lessons Opening to Love From Codependency to Co-commitment

Dealing with Aloofs Communicating with Those Who Play the Role of the Victim Dealing with Interrogators Dealing with Intimidators

Fear that He is Having an Affair She is an Interrogator and He is Aloof Anxiety about Grades The Role of the Savior, Parent, Teacher, Super-Responsible Self Suppression Super Woman Differing Sexual Needs Jealousy Opening to Love From Codependency to Co-commitment Understanding Needs Obstacles to Communication Dealing with Romantic Rejection Roles that we Play


Creating Happiness no.1 Dealing with Criticism and Difference in Opinion Finding our Life Purpose Manifesting our Inner Power Stress Eliminating Affirmations Questions for Finding our Life Purpose Achieving Goals * SELF-ACCEPTANCE *

Accepting Ourselves and Others Self-Acceptance and Self-Improvement Self-Acceptance, Growth and Learning Positive Thought Forms - Beliefs Concerning Self-Worth Learning to Love Ourselves Self-Esteem


Healing our Inner Child - part 1- Experiences Healing our Inner Child - part 2- Mistaken Beliefs Healing our Inner Child - part 3- Beginning Transformation Healing our Inner Child - part 4- Positive Affirmations Healing our Inner Child - part 5- Positive Projection Healing our Inner Child - part 6- Emotional Freedom Techniques


Overcoming Anxiety Dealing with Emotional Pain Dealing with Anger -- Feb 2002 Disappointment - Disillusionment - Discouragement Dealing with Emotions What do you Fear? The Results of Fear The Causes of Fear Facing Fear Healing our Fears Objectifying Fear Fear - Faith - Love - Wisdom Forgiving Others Emotions, Resistance & Affirmations Reconciliation of Inner Conflicts Reconciliation of Inner Conflicts no. 2 Examples of Inner Conflicts


Keeping Our Energy High and Harmonious Guidelines for Performing Yoga Exercises Natural Solutions for Frequent Colds Breathe Freely by Removing Excess Mucus from the Body Sprouting for Health and Economy Healing Ourselves and Growing through Illness Breathing Problems - Natural Solutions Circulatory Problems - Natural Solutions Digestive Problems - Natural Solutions High Blood Pressure - Natural Solutions - Feb 2002 Headaches - Effective Natural Solutions - Feb 2002 Ensuring Sufficient Blood Flow to the Brain - Feb 2002 The Benefits of Meditation - Feb 2002 Improve your Memory - Feb 2002 Hormones - Creating Harmony


The Blind Village and the Elephant The River Grasses Spiritual Weight Lifting - Feb 2002 Protecting our Spiritual Sapling - Feb 2002 The Caterpillar and the Butterfly Laser Power Mind -- Feb 2002 Spirit in the Body s Purifying our Love - Gold Inner Pressures Ice-Water-Steam = Body - Mind - Spirit Hidden Problematic Communication


What we Can Learn from the Death of a Loved One Dealing Positively with the Loss of Loved Ones Affirmations for Dealing with the Loss of Loved Ones


How to Meditate A Nature Meditation The Benefits of Meditation - Feb 2002


Perceiving the Universal in All Truths which Aid in Forgiving Others Truths for Forgiving Ourselves

* LOVE *

Love (part 1) What is Love ? Love (part 2) Love or Need for Security ? Love (part 3) Love, Pleasure or Affirmation ? Love (part 4) Selfless Love Love (part 5) Spiritual Universal Love Love (part 6) Loving the Wave or the Ocean When I Love you Purely


Keeping the Vision Alive The Benefits of a Virtuous Life What, in Fact, Is Humility? When I Have True Faith I Forgive Easily When ... The Power of Gratitude When I am Selfless... The Power of Wisdom

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Robert Elias Najemy who is the author of 20 books which have sold over 100,000 copies. He is the founder and has been the director of the Center for Harmonious Living in Athens, Greece for the last 26 years. The center has a membership of 3000 clients and 600 students. He has lectured over 25,000 hours and has worked with around 20,000 persons through personal appointments, classes and seminars. He has produced over 500 cassettes and videocassettes with an abundance of information or human harmony. He is not a psychologist, nor a doctor but rather a chemical engineer who gave up his profession 35 years ago in order to study human nature and all aspects of human health, happiness, harmony and spiritual development. He has a certificate in Counseling from the Counseling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (UK) and certificates as a practitioner of three forms of Energy Psychology; specifically Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Tapas Acupuncture Techniques (TAT) and Thought Field Therapy (TFT). Robert has developed a six-year self-knowledge seminar which is taught at his school and has also been recorded on 200 acoustic and videocassettes and is thus available in other cities. He has trained more than 250 life coaches, 50 of whom now work with him in Athens, Greece and other affiliated centers around Greece and Cyprus. His site is