How to handle a bad gift?

This article briefly summerizes how to react to bad gift.
1 - Do not show disappointment or dismay when presented with a bad gift. Try to remember, it's the thought that counts!

2 - Try to be honest but kind. Don't tell the giver that you love the gift, or how great you think it is.

3 - Thank the giver for the thought, not the gift. ie: "It was so nice of you to give me this", or "Thanks so much for thinking of me", or "These are so popular right now".

4 - Discreetly ask where the gift was purchased. ie: "Where ever did you find this?" Then if possible you can try to return the gift. Most stores will give a credit note or exchange the gift for some other merchandise if you don't have the receipt.

5 - Re-use the gift next time you have to give a present. I keep all these types of "special" gifts in a cupboard and that way I always have a supply of gifts on hand. Just be sure the gift wasn't monogrammed!

6 - If you can't return or reuse the gift. Try to remember to set it out or wear it when the gift giver comes to visit. This is especially important if the gift was from your mother-in-law!Visit for greetings and gifts.

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