Top 9 Ways To Tell Your Biz-Op Might Be A Scam

9: The top people in the organization insist on
calling the company a BIZ-op, even in written

8: Every email your sponsor sends you crashes your
entire system because the signature file contains
63 links and 23 banner ads, all for different
biz-ops than the one he's sponsored you in.

7: Your sponsor insists on being known only as Agent
7731 and can only be reached at a public phone

6: You call your sponsor at the phone booth to find
that he's only available between 2 and 4 a.m. You
leave a message.

5: The person who takes your message tells you his
name. It's Agent 7732.

4: The founder of the company has a framed picture of
Charles Ponzi on his desk.

3: The founder of the company has a framed picture of
Ken Lay on his desk.

2: Either of the aforementioned pictures is
autographed and bears the inscription:
To My Soul Mate.

And the number one way to tell your BIZ-op might be a

1: There are already 3,478 people involved in selling
the same opportunity.


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