How to Buy a Wedding Dress not a Wedding Mess

Every bride dreams of finding a Robert Legere Dress for under $500 and yet have it brand new. As impossible as this sounds, it can be done. You just have to make sure that you don't get scammed.

The Old But Still Effective Bait and Switch
Yes. Not only does it happen in the car industry, it also happens in the wedding industry. Make sure the dress that you have ordered is not the same dress that you tried on at the shop. Some bridal shops try to dump their unwanted sample dresses on you to make an extra buck.
Also make sure that the dress is not a counterfeit knock-off. If your wedding dress is supposed to be a silk Robert Legere, go to a high-end store and feel and touch the silk fabric from the same designer.
This way, you know what to look for.

Keep track of all of your receipts. Make sure that the receipts describe everything about your wedding dress. The size, color, style number and manufacturer should all be included on the receipt.

Give it more time
Don't wait until the last minute. If I was a bridal shop saleswoman that liked to scam women, I would love to see a desperate bride coming through my door with only 3 months left until the wedding. Pressure tactics that they like to put on you would triple in size. If you have less than three months left, you are better off buying your wedding dress off the rack and then altering it.

Be Less Anxious
Don't buy the first dress that you put on please. First loves don't only come in boyfriends they also come in "fairytale" wedding dresses. Its a phenomenon that bridal shops love. Don't we all wish we had a bridal shop saleswoman like Judge Judy who will tell you like it is?

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