How to Choose the Right Casket

Shopping for caskets can be trying and difficult. When people find themselves shopping for caskets, they are usually filled with grief and sadness, and the wide selection of caskets can be overwhelming. Burial caskets and funeral caskets are available in a wide variety of materials ranging from wood to gold. There are an endless number of designs available for caskets as well. They can be simple solid colors or can be covered with elaborate decorations and paintings.

In addition to their time of grief, buyers must also contend with the deceptive policies of many funeral homes. It is not uncommon for funeral homes to tell people about their more expensive caskets first and then give shoppers other options only at their request. Research shows that people usually buy the middle priced casket of the first three they are offered. Many people are also afraid of appearing cheap if they ask to see the less expensive models. It is a good idea that shoppers familiarize themselves with the Federal Trade Commissions Funeral Rule before buying a casket. This rule states the various restrictions that keep funeral homes from taking advantage of grieving casket buyers.

Once people are sure they are not being taken advantage of, they are free to choose the casket that best suits their needs. They need to decide whether they want an open funeral casket that displays the deceased during the memorial service. Funeral caskets often have two hinged doors that allow the torso of the deceased to be visible during the service. Burial caskets usually only have one hinged door that runs the length of the casket. Usually, either type of casket is suitable for burial, but some funeral caskets are not suitable for burial and are merely rented for the funeral service.

Buying caskets is a challenging ordeal that always comes during trying circumstances, and it can be a tremendous help to be informed about options and price ranges beforehand.

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