How To Make Yourself a Successful One-of-a-kind Resouce in Y

A touch of background first: A successful, journeyman level
speaker, serving associations and corporations, I routinely received
fees of $3000 to $5000-6000 for 1 to 3 hours of programs. I got 1
or 2 bookings a week.

What does this mean to you: Start by being truly
outstanding at what you do. Build a solid foundation. Stand out
from all others. Be unique and unduplicable.

Then, take these actions:

Action 1.:

Market the outcome of your services, and not the services
themselves. (I marketed success in the business of speaking. Nobody
else did that).

Market the results of your work, not the work itself.

Action 2.

Give a money back Guarantee of success. In writing. With
teeth. (The first few years, I gave back some money. Since 1995
nobody has legitimately requested their money back.)

Give a real money-back Guarantee.

Action 3.

Don't allow scoundrels to get at you. Make your Guarantee
conditional upon specific performance by the other person. ( Mine
is simple. " Do what I guide you to do and document to me that you
have done so." That's all.)

Protect yourself from scoundrels.

Action 4.

Do exhaustive research. Spare no expense. Make yourself the
very best on earth at what you do. Do more that is required. Do
more than is expected. Do more that anyone in their right mind would

Be the best, the very best at what you do.

Action 5.

Stimulate referrals. Let your clients or customers know
they are rewarded for referring folks who invest in what you offer.
Give appropriate gifts, depending on the size of the ticket. My
product is $4000 to $6700. I give a choice of gifts, $300 in cash.
$300 to their favorite charity in their name. $300 in products.

Reward referrals generously.

Action 6.

Treat people right. Be there for them long after the sale.
Care about each client. You've heard this before: "People don't
care about how much you know until they know how much you care!"

Let the Golden Rule govern your attitudes, your thoughts,
your words and your actions.

Action 7.

Don't sell. Instead, market. What's the difference? This:
Selling is persuading someone to buy your wares. Marketing is
creating conditions under which the buyer is attracted to your offer
and decides on their own motion to invest in what you offer. How do
you do that? PR. Advertising. Word-of-mouth. In the words of
Walt Disney,

Do what you do so well that people can't resist coming back
for more and telling their friends to do the same.

These 7 stratagems are some of the methods I've used to move
myself from unknown journeyman speaker to respected, successful,
well known marketer of the Speaking Success System. You can do the

Success in your field is at hand for you now. You can have
it if you want it--and you've got to want it enough to have it.

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