How To Read Faces & Profit

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Title: "How To Read Faces & Profit"

- by Kathy Thompson

(c) Kathy Thompson - All Rights Reserved

Yes, you can profit from reading their faces. And you can prove it to yourself. Remember, every face reveals its personality and destiny.

Use the nine descriptions below. Stop and think about how and where you can use this information.

1. A ROUND FACE SHAPE loves people, food, and small talk. 2. FLAT & CONNECTED EYEBROWS are free thinkers and can be very jealous. 3. EYES WITH LARGE IRISES are emotional and close to their family. 4. HOOK NOSES handle money very well, are thrifty, and skeptical.

5. A FLARED (wide at bottom) GROOVE (under the nose) has a lot of sexual energy and capable of producing many children. 6. The FULL LIPS is generous, affectionate, and likes to talk.

7. A CLEFT CHIN is passionate, playful, and affectionate. 8. PROTRUDING EARS are non-conformists, possessive and will have early success.

9. 2 VERTICAL WINKLES BETWEEN THE NOSE indicate a planner, thinker, doer.

Did your uses include; sales, relationships, looking for a partner, communications, counseling, job interviews, family, friends, boss, co-workers?

If you thought of some other uses, please let me know, I will give you a FREE Face Reading.

With Face Reading you will profit/benefit from every situation you are in. This is because you will understand human behavior and bring out the best in everyone. You will have the edge, the advantage.

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About the Author

With a B. S. in Business Communications Kathy Thompson has taught her programs around the country.

She writes and speaks about Health, Personal Communications, and Face Reading.

Kathy's goal is to help you be all you can be and reach your potential.