How to spot a cheater

Is your man the cheating type? Here are some clues to help you find out if he is cheating. Please note that just because you feel your man is cheating, does not mean that he really is. Make sure you have some hard facts before you make a decision that could ruin a relationship, It may just need a little bit of work and some trust on your part. But if you suspect that he is cheating, here are some clues that could help you decipher what your man is really up to:

Has his work routine changed dramatically? It will be very easy to assume that his late nights at the office could mean that he is having an affair, but that is not always the case. Find out why your man has to spend additional time at the office. Does he have a project coming up, or a major report with a tight deadline? Call him at the office and see if he will answer his office phone. If he does not, it could mean that he is up to something. If his office is close to your home, take a drive without telling him you are coming. When you get to his office, try to locate his car. If you cannot, call him and tell him to come outside to get a takeout dinner you have for him. And be sure you have actually bought some food, so that you can use it as your excuse to drop by his office unannounced.

Is he still affectionate toward you? Has there been any change in the way he shows his affection? Is he pulling back from you for no just reason? If your guy is not under any kind of pressure from his job, and you have not quarreled with him lately, but he seems to be holding back his hugs and kisses, there may be cause for you to have your antenna up. If he starts criticizing things he never criticized you about in the past, then you need to have your eyes and ears open.

Does he want to hang out with the guys more these days?
If he suddenly starts going out on weekends to party with his friends, without asking you to come along, then you know that there could be more to his sudden need for weekend excitement. When he tells you he wants to go out, ask him about what specific club he wants to go to. You may have to do a little stalking to get to his real motive. When he leaves, give him about a thirty-minute head start, then make your way to the place he says he will be with his friends. Look for his car in the parking lot. If he is there, go in and find a hidden corner of the place to spy on him from. If he has a woman in his arms, then you know the likelihood of his cheating on you is quite high. If he is just having fun with his friends, just quickly find your way home. If you find him in a compromising position, do not confront him or the person you have caught him with, and never let him know that you had followed him to the place he told you he was going to. If you look for his car and do not find it, it may be that he has dashed over to his new love