BroadProspect Launches the World's First Network of Busi

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BroadProspect Launches the World's First Network of Business Connection Makers

New York, June 18, 2002. BroadProspect, Inc. today launched the world's first network of business connection makers. The new business network,, matches
well-connected people with companies who seek assistance in getting business opportunities and leads, helping them to open doors and close deals.

During the pilot phase, 2,476 business opportunity seekers and 1,067 connection makers have joined BroadProspect. Contacts that have been created, led to business negotiations valued at $7 M.

"BroadProspect solves the biggest problem facing the business community - how to reach the right person in the appropriate organization who will close the desirable deal," said Ziv Dascalu,
Founder and CEO of BroadProspect. "The most rapid path to deal closing is through direct connections or personal referrals. Only few deals are the result of a