Hurricane Katrina - How You Can Help

As you know, the Hurricane disaster in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi is hard to believe, yet true. As is described in detail on CNN and all other television networks minute by minute, the need is overwhelmingly great.
Here is how you can help the people and animals in distress, whether you own a website or not :
The Red Cross has a website that offers banners that can be placed on websites of those who want to direct visitors to the Red Cross site to make donations. Would you please visit this site and then consider placing one of these on your website and telling your subscribers about the link on your site and also ask if they can, to place a banner on their website. Every little bit as soon as possible helps.
Here's the link :
Aid Animal Victims of Hurricane Katrina
In addition, please don't forget the abandoned, suffering and injured cats, dogs and other animals impacted by this disaster. CNN just showed a puppy that was tied to a tree and left to die by someone. But, the puppy was rescued by an unknown source. CNN called him
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