I used to give out website awards and it worked,

Remember the old days when you could give people awards for their websites and they would actually give you a backlink for it?

Those were the good old days when people were very nieve and they would just add anything to their sites. Standards seem to have risen recently and i dont think you could get away with old school fakery like that.

It would be lovely if you could just launch an awards website and the people you gave the award to would add the links over time. Give your site a few months to get the backlinks in and then use the `bait and switch` technique to move your website to another theme but keeping the link in place so the award still displays on their site and still gives you the credit but you would have changed the site completely to a more profitable one.

I may try and build another awards site becuse i havent seen any for a while and maybe it is what the internet is lacking.

I can get a nice script from hotscripts and install it in a few days. I guess the next stepp would be to then build some nice badges for the awards for people to put on their other sites and it would be just a viral explosion becuse once the people see that their competitor has an a ward they would obviously want one for their site. You know that people have the biggest greed and desire so i guess it needs to be exploited.

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