IconoMaker: A Neat Little Gift From Icon Empire

June, 2005

IconoMaker: A Neat Little Gift From Icon Empire.

Icon Empire introduces IconoMaker.

Icon Empire, a producer of award-winning graphics editing software, offers a nifty little freeware package for editing icons with a variety of custom attributes and creative styles.

IconoMaker creates and edits icons of any size, colored by virtual pen, brush, airbrush, ellipse, straight line or curve tools, compatible with Windows XP 32-bit color depth with 8-bit alpha channel. Users can roll, shift and rotate images, sort images within icons, and copy and paste images to other applications. This program supports ICO and ICPR formats, and now supports PNG images. Happily for Linux users, IconoMaker now imports and exports XPM and XBM images. For a total rundown of IconoMaker's features, visit www.free-icon-editor.com .

Icon Empire is giving it away. A Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 operating system is required.

More information about IconoMaker: http://www.free-icon-editor.com
Direct evaluation download URL: http://iconempire.com/downloads/iconomaker.exe
Screenshot URL: http://iconempire.com/free-icon-editor/scrf.png

Free evaluation license is available for all on request.

About the author:
Victor Ivlichev