Ideal Values That T.V Should Project

With the rapid changes that we have now in this time especially in the mass media sector, we all know and are aware about the consequences or influence of the T.V. The moral values should be the concern more of the topic regarding T.V presentation.

The media is really affecting our daily living. It influences our life in many aspects. This factor is made possible because of its wide coverage all over the world.So based on its affect, the media should be responsible for their service to people.

They should carefully pick out the necessary information before they introduce it to televiewers.The network has the responsibility to show the ideal and applicable values in their service to the people.

Anything that will appear on the T.V screen should not be a bad image that the people will follow especially the minor age. They should avoid some overactive scene and not important gimmick in order to get a high rating.Some network are doing some gimmick in their shows and advertisement that for me is irrelevant.Remember that the main duty of television is to inform and serve the people in anything that they can.

We all know that television is a part of our daily life that makes us laugh, cry, and surprised. So we are lucky to have the television with us in this kind of time.