Witches, warlocks, spirits, elves, vampires, mermaids, mermen and monsters, superstitious creatures that often used to scare young children since time. They are considered myths that compose our customs and traditions. They are tools for teaching toddlers moral values with their scary backgrounds. They are the best antagonist characters in movies not to mention their high market value. But are these immortals only live in legends, fairy tales, or horror books? Or they are just preparing for the right time to unveil the true them?

Remember that gays, lesbians and transsexuals were not created before time but just sprouted in the middle of time. They passed the stage of being a myth (who would expect that a guy could look like a real girl) and brought themselves in reality in due time. Who would ever expect the transformation. Who would ever think that they can dominate the cutest guys and sexiest gals.

Like the thirdsex, superstitious creatures did not evolve from monkeys but, they were molded as legendary figures. They are passing the mythological stage, but; the chance of making them live or living with them in this physical world is still being observed. The time they wait or had been waiting is unpredictable, it maybe a thousand years ago, a year ago or a month ago; it can be yesterday or it can be now