Janome Sewing Machine!

Janome sewing machines are known for high quality and durability. They are also one of the most innovative sewing machine companies. The company is credited for many firsts and the ease of using these machines in unmatched. Janome sewing machines are important fixtures in many homes and businesses.

The Janome sewing machine company is based in Japan, but has American counterparts. But, the company actually began in 1867 when two men, William Barker and Andrew J Clark began a company that made the " New England Single Thread Hand Sewing Machine" in Orange, Massachusetts. They had much success with this machine and with their "Home Shuffle" machine for over 20 years. In 1960, the company was purchased and moved to Japan by the Janome Sewing Machine Company. The company got its name when it created the round 15 class metal bobbin system instead of the traditional long shuttle type. It was thought that this round shape made it look a lot like a snake's eye. The word Janome translates to "the eye of the snake". The company expanded and developed many machines over the years. They have been leading the sewing manufacturing field worldwide for years.

In fact, in 1970's, Janome sewing machines introduced the first programmable, computerized sewing machine available. The newer versions of these machines are renowned for their precision and the ease of use they provide.

If you are in the market for a Janome sewing machine, whether it is the Janome 6500 sewing machine or an antique version of these machines, you will find that they are made to be high quality and very dependable machines. The precision they offer exceeds the standard in today's market. And, the ease of use in the Janome sewing machine makes it a perfect addition to a home or business.

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