Living With A Person In The Dorms- What You Need To Know

Living in the halls is an important and exciting part of college life. Whether you know your roommate or are meeting for the first time, living with another person is difficult at times. Open, honest and constant communication is the key to successful roommate relationships. Often it is difficult to talk about differences when you and your roommate are first trying to get to know each other. If you intend to live together happily, you need to realize and resolve your personal difference early in the fall semester. The first step is to begin talking about the things you value and about your lifestyles, so that you can find out where differences exist.

After sharing some background information, you and your roommate should begin to get to know each other and feel more comfortable about discussing more sensitive subjects. Take some time to talk about the things you like and dislike, and those things about you that he or she needs to know. Be sure to listen to you roommate carefully.

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