Looking At Pain ...

PAIN is a heavy word. It means being hurt and down. This brings grief and tears. But it likewise leads you to realizations you wouldn't have had if you weren't hurting.

Many times in our lives we experience our pitfalls. Many times have, I, went through my own downfalls. I've been diappointed, scarred, and hurt a thousand times already by people i cared and loved.

Friends would claim they know me but truth is they don't. Only a few of them can understand the real person in me.

Friends come in our lives to serve different purpose. Some are for companionship, some are for good times, and some are meant to stay with us forever.

People practically come and go. We have to realize that each person we meet along the way has in one way or another have their own reasons for coming into our lives.

However, we have to likewise learn that there are some things or events in our lives that happen for a reason we cannot explain. That there are some choices we make that can cause us great pain and sacrifice.

We have to accept that with trusting someone comes along the risk of being betrayed. That there can be times when you are confronted of a make-believe situation. And you can't do anything about it but cry.

We have to be awaken by the truth that not all that has been said meant that it has been done. So that when someone tells you he/she loved you, it doesn't necessarily follows that he/she has actually loved you.

No matter how painful it is, we are bound to accept that life is unfair. We have to surpass difficulties to realize that we can stand amidst storm. We have to commit mistakes just to know that they are wrong.

We have to admit that there are certain people that though we don't want to loose, we have to let them go. And that there are certain dreams we have to allow to slip out of our hands because there are dreams that are meant to be fulfilled. Hurting it may seem, but we have to learn some facts of life the hard way.

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