Feng-Shui enhancers and cures for your relationship

Although fate, may help you to find a suitable partner, feng-shui can certainly have a strong influence on how your relationship turns out.

When moving in with someone, often the nature of a relationship changes in totally unexpected ways. Areas of your life such as career, family or health, might change for no apparent reason. If both partners move into a new home, then both may be affected.

If the partnership feng-shui is placed correctly and stimulated then the happiness and longevity of the relationship are enhanced and chances of either partner embarking on an outside relationship will be limited.

Feng-shui can cause problems as well as solve them. One of the classic simulators of chi is the fish tank or fountain, but if this is placed on the right-hand side of the main door, it can increase the sort of energy which attracts other women to the husband. It is for reasons like this that the manipulating of feng-shui should be done carefully or get the help of an authentic feng shui consultant .

Good feng-shui in the bed room.
Traditional symbols of romance such as red roses or heart shapes, in the south west sector of the bed room is beneficial. Red is symbolic of fire and fire produces earth. The south west sector is the earth sector, so the color red will help produce more earth and stimulate this sector. It follows that red lights or anything red, particularly in pairs is useful.

Things to avoid
No mirrors over the bed. It will create a double image of the relationship.
Keep the space beneath the bed free of clutter so that the chi may flow freely.
Do not place the color green or live plants in the south west sector. Green is symbolic of the wood sector and destroys earth.
Remove all mementos of past relationships from the room.

Applying these principles of feng-shui will lead to positive changes in your relationship.

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