Make Worry Optional

Let go of outdated belief systems,There are SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE Tools to Deal with Worry!

I know most of you already know that worry is useless. Worry takes us out of the present moment, where all our power is to create. Worry (what-ifs) is all about the future, where we have no power what so ever (makes sense, because when we worry we feel powerless)!

Sometimes though no matter how much we know, worry does creep into our life and get a grip on us! Well, I have found, and used, some SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE ways to deal with these times.

Come to accept that "worry" is an OK place to BE. Yes, BE. Just accept the fact that you are worried. And by accepting it, it take all the charge (resistance) off, allowing it to naturally run its course and fall away. Interestingly enough, I have found that as soon as I allow myself to worry, what I was once worried about quickly falls to the back of my mind. Go figure!!

Set aside a specific amount of time in your day to worry, say 10-15 minutes. Once that time period is over worry is not an option. You have a life to live!

Get Busy, Switch Gears ! If we are doing an activity we are naturally present with the task at hand, which allows the "universe" time to come in and assist, because we are no longer holding on to the problem causing all the worry.

Use the law of averages to outlaw your worries. Ask yourself: "What are the odds against this thing's happening at all?"

Sometimes though one may find that ego has a tight hold on our "worries", and they seem to persist. We may find we are worn out and feel sapped by the mental anguish. In this case know the "universe" is waiting (patiently) close at hand for us to get to the point where we are willing to say I GIVE UP, I SURRENDER (I really do say this, and boy do I mean it)! When we say I SURRENDER we are ready to let it all go and are open to receive assistance and guidance. When our ego takes the passenger seat and we let the "universe" show us the way we are never been disappointed (I am a living testimonial, over and over again, for this one)!!

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE------------Worry is an all to "familiar" habit we learned, or formed. We are now choosing to take charge by unlearning and letting go of this outdated habit (worry), and in the process forming a new habit that will effectively serve us. With practice, it soon becomes second nature to "shift gears" and relax, exercise, and change thought, rather than doing the old counter-productive worrying.
May one or all these tools help you develop peace and simplicity in your life.

There have been many who have shared their insights and wisdom with me. I feel honored to be the one chosen to share this with you.

Mary Kay Buttery 2005

Every evening I turn my worries over to God. He's going to be up all night anyway. "Mary C. Crowley"

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