Making Colorful Soaps

There are many ways to add colorful designs to your homemade soaps. We will discuss using the cold process soap making method to make soaps with intriguing designs.

First, you will need to start with a plain white base. A base of 30% coconut oil, 5% castor oil and 65% lard make a nice white base that lathers and conditions well.

To make tri-color soap with nice triangular designs, first make 1/3 of your base recipe to pour into your standard block soap mold. Once the base has traced, add colorant of your choice. Then prop your mold at an angle so that when you pour your base into your mold it will fill only one corner of your mold instead of the whole bottom.

To do this, place a few books under one side of your mold to raise the side a few inches from your counter. Then place books against the other side of the mold to keep it from moving. Pour your soap down the side of your mold that still rests on the counter until it has filled the corner, but not quite fully to the top of the mold.

Now carefully cover your mold with a towel until your soap has gone through the saponification process and has cooled into soap. This will make a triangular block of soap that will sit off to the side of your regular bar, making a nice design.

Next, mix 2/3 of your plain white base recipe, and separate it into two equal amounts. Color these with 2 separate colors. Pour one into your mold being careful not to splash it onto your triangle block