Maybe it's time to get an affordable copy machine!

Maybe it's time to get an affordable copy machine!

How does a copy machine end up on an entrepreneur's shopping list? When your Kinko's bill starts to dwarf your other expenses, that's a good time to start shopping for a copy machine. When employees are sing inkjets (and expensive consumables) to run off lots of multiple pages, that's a sign you might need a copier. When your business gets big enough and your needs demand it, it's time to check into some new hardware. The ultimate goal is to reduce costs and gain productivity time by handling copying in-house.

Digital copiers have been slowly sweeping the old fashioned analog copiers away. One side benefit of moving into the digital realm is that these copiers usually incorporate printing and scanning functions as well. That can help in situations where space is at a premium and those other functions are useful. Affordable pricing also puts these copiers in range of any business budget.

Networking capability and the amount of memory are features to look for when shopping for copiers. Some of the less-expensive digital copiers aren't network-ready but can be upgraded. As for memory, you don't want your machine to suffer a brain freeze in the middle of a big job. The 32MB in the Sharp and Brother copiers make sure that won't happen. But the standard memory shipped with most copiers is adequate for most tasks and can be upgraded to handle harder assignments.

Also look into the wait time until the first copy. With the Xerox WorkCentre, for example, it takes just over nine seconds to warm up and get that initial page out.

A copy machine is something that every office and small business needs. Choose wisely and your businesses output will increase.
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