Perfect Circles

A very real secret to success...
When I was in first grade, my teacher distributed shapes for the class to trace and cut out: squares, triangles, and circles.

The squares and triangles were easy to make, with straight lines to cut along. But the circles were a different matter! By the time I made three or four circles, using each preceding effort as a pattern, my messy, misshaped circles didn't look like circles at all.

My teacher's perfect circle amazed me. How did she do it? Then I had an idea... I would use her circle as my pattern each time, and then my circles would be better, even allowing for my unskillful cutting.

And so it is with everything in life. If we use a perfect pattern and try to do our best, we can accomplish workmanship of which we do not have to be ashamed.

By using a perfect pattern for every day and each experience instead of allowing past mistakes, habits, or attitudes to keep us perpetually "out of shape," we will surely come closer to our ideals of peace, happiness, success, health and love.

About the Author

Glenda Ball holds a "doctorate" from The University of Hard Knocks, with concentration in being a successful single mom.