Moving Guide - 6 Methods To Bring Down Moving Costs

There are many reasons why people moved. It could be due to a job transfer, getting married or even due to the upgrading of their home. When moving from one location to another, costs will definitely be incurred but the costs need not be high. We will look at some ways on how to bring the costs down.

1) Seek help from your friends. Instead of engaging a moving company to help you move the stuff, just give a call to ask your friends to help you out. If they have a car, ask them to drive your stuff to your new location and you can treat them to a nice dinner after that.

2) Get free boxes. Go to your supermarket or drug store and look for their designated area where they usually dump their boxes. They would be glad to pass you the boxes because you save them the hassle of bringing it to the rubbish dump. By doing so, you would have easily saved $100 or more when buying new boxes.

3) Use clothing to pack fragile items. Buying special materials to pack fragile and expensive items can be expensive. A cost saving tip is to wrap all these fragile items into your blankets, unwanted clothes, bathroom towels and even bed sheets. After you have moved to the new location, you can put them into the washing machine to wash.

4) Go shopping for a moving company. Log on to the web and check for moving company that are in your area. Compare rates between them and be sure to call them to ask for any hidden charges that might not be shown on their web page.

5) Check for insurance coverage. Check with your insurance agent if your homeowner's insurance will cover any damage to your stuff while moving. If the stuff is covered, you do not need to purchase additional insurance from the moving company.

6) Check gas rates in truck rental. If you are renting a truck to move your stuff, be sure to ask the rental company for the average mile-per-gallon of the truck. With the current exorbitant cost of gas prices, estimating the cost will help you to ensure that you won't go out of budget since you are responsible for paying for the gas in the truck.

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