Moving Tips And Information

Here are some moving tips that can help your move go better:

A move should be well prepared in advance. The better prepared you will be, the smoother and more economical (up to %50 cheaper and quicker in the case of an hourly charged move) the move will be. Here is a section that should help you in your planning and preparation.

General advice

- Have a look at the calendar to make sure you won't run out of time.
- If you have kids, make sure to hire a babysitter or have some family member take care of them on the day of the move. It can sometimes be dangerous and cumbersome to have children or pets around on moving day.
- Prepare a plan of where you will want the movers to put your belongings at the destination.
- Try to eat the frozen food in your freezer ahead of time to reduce the risk of spoiling in transit.


- Use 2 cube professional moving boxes if possible for most of your belongings.
- Even out the weight equally, in the case of books, you should fill the box half way with books and the rest with light items such as cushions for example.
- Packing is time consuming, if you have a busy schedule start packing at least a week in advance, you will be surprised at how long it takes and how much thing you have. We also offer a packing service in addition to actual moving, please call or e-mail us for details.
- Clearly indicate the contents of the boxes and in what room you would like the movers to place them.
- Do not put flammable or explosive items in the boxes.
- Do not place unwrapped objects in boxes, sterile packing paper is very effective at cushioning fragile items inside boxes.
- Try to use original packaging materials for televisions and electronic equipment if possible.

The day before the move:

- Unhook your stereo, computers and any electronic appliance, pack the cables in boxes.
- Take all paintings off the walls.
- Empty the fridge and freezer in order to let them defrost, don't leave any water in appliances.
- Do not water the plants a few days prior to the move, or as little as possible.
- If parking is difficult, try to save a spot for the moving truck.

Things to do on the day of the move:

- Gather your ID, keys, wallet and items that you will need on the day of the move.
- Do not pack medications in case of emergencies.
- Keep on your person, any jewelry, cash, or precious metals, they are not protected with the insurance
- Keep the phone connected or your mobile phone on, the day of the move.
- Make sure the elevators are booked at both locations.

If you follow these steps, you won't have anything to do on the day of the move but to relax and wait until it's over !

About the Author: Bruno Vincent is a web designer, search engine promoter, and online entrepreneur. Originally from Vancouver, BC Canada, he now resides in Thailand where he runs - and manages and - and lives semi retired thanks to the global reach of the Internet.