Music Maestro Please

Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and declared - One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. The first human foot print was placed on the moon and will forever be a monument to the ingenuity of the human race. That one small step by Mr. Armstrong is an exceptional feat of humanities ingenuity, however, there is one small step backwards that very few human beings will ever experience in their life on earth and it is far more meaningful than walking on the Moon. What is it? Well, let me explain.....

Some children become the center of attraction as-soon-as they walk into a room. Whilst other children hide behind books or just sit as quietly as a mouse so nobody will ask them to perform any childlike magic. As children grow into adulthood, it is not always the pushy kids who make a success out of life. I guess success is the hardest commodity for anyone to define per say. It all depends on a persons standards, goals and inner feeling of prosperity. Certainly, money alone is no criteria for success. Neither is fame, for history has taught how the mighty have fallen.

When a human being matures into adulthood they have a self image that is projected throughout their lives. The intellectual image that is set in the mind from childhood becomes the