Mythology info (E-W)

Mythology info (E-W):

****THE KAPPA****

What the heck is a Kappa you say? Well I'll tell you, they are Japanese water demons! Kappas are amphibious water spirits that are covered in yellow green scales, have webbed feet, a face of a monkey, and the back of a tortoise, but the feature that makes the kappa a kappa is it's bowl like depression on the top of it's head which must always be full of water to maintain its supernatural powers and super strength on land. Now Kappas may live in bodies of water but that doesn't mean a kappa won't come up on land for a snack! Kappas eat humans and animals, they really love to eat human liver. The way they eat their food is sort of gross... so that's why I'll tell you in great detail how they do it ^,^ The kappa eats the insides first, then the kappa gets a bit thirsty so then the kappa drinks the blood. Kappas where blamed when ever mutilated bodies were found near masses of water. Kappas where known to be very malicious (not to friendly), but they weren't dumb animals though. Kappas where very smart wise spirits! Mankind is said to have learned the trade of mending broken bones from a Kappa in return for his own arm that had been taken from him by a human! Now here are ways that where said to be the best ways to defeat a kappa: Bow to it, kappas being proper creatures will bow back to you spilling the water from its head, this will force the kappa to return to its watery home. Another way was by carving names (or your name) into a cucumber and throwing it into the water, now cucumbers are the Kappas favorite food and by eating the cucumbers the kappas will not eat the people whose names are on the cucumbers. This legendary association between Kappas and cucumbers has become such a part of Japan's culture that sushi stuffed with cucumber is called "Kappa maki".
Amulet: A charm worn against evil or injury.
There has been amulet use since the don of time. Egyptians would use the Eye of Horris to ward of sickness, and any kind of hex. Amulets where used in the dark ages commonly, even in gambling. Amulets could even be used to help luck, and they would even be used while gambling, thinking the amulet would be the key to their wining. Their were amulets that were said to stop fires just by throwing them into it, even though most of those kind of amulets were made of wood (odd) also a newt was thought able to put our fires if thrown into a flame (poor newt). Amulets would be carved onto doors and onto walls, so that they might ward off evil from being there.

A werewolf is a human that can change into a wolf usually on a full moon. Werewolves eat humans and livestock. You can become a werewolf unwillingly by having it in your genes, by a curse, or by a bite by another werewolf. You could also willingly become a werewolf by using special ointments like sorcerers did in many stories. Either way, if you become a werewolf it is said in folklore that you must never let even a single drop of human blood touch your lips or you