Need A Job To Call Your Own?

How did you choose your job? Are you
satisfied with your career choice? "It is my mission to help people find the career they can call their own."
Stated Career Coach Kathy Thompson.

After years of working in the wrong jobs, Thompson now helps people find themselves and the career they were "born" to. "It's so frustrating going from job to job and finding something missing. It was never right. It was never satisfying or fulfilling."

To save others from going through the same thing, Thompson developed the "Career4U Profile".

The "Career4U Profile" is a three part system; The Survey, Your Assets, and Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. What makes it so unique is Thompson's use of physiognomy(face reading) to determine the personality and the career that matches it.

Physiognomy is a science dating back to Hippocrates and the Han Dynasty. Face Reading reveals a person's personality, past, destiny. Certain personality traits are best suited for specific careers.
Entrepreneurs should be risk takers, ambitious, confident, innovative, analytical. Teachers should be tolerant, tactful, optimistic, confident. Sales people should be friendly, physical, tactful, domineering, objective. Managers need to be Self-Confident,analytical, possessive, domineering, impersonal.
Each trait is seen in the face.

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About the Author

With a B.S. in Business Communcations, Kathy Thompson has been writing all her life. She loves to write non-fiction and fiction.
Bouncing from job to job, Kathy finally found her calling in helping others find the career they were born to.