New Product Line To Be Launched By Gifts Unusual LLC

Over the next few months, Gifts Unusual LLC, a Florida based online retailer, will be preparing to launch a line of limited edition, hand carved wooden oil warmers and tart burners and other decorative home decor products.

Currently the Company retails products widely available from many other retailers in the United States. The launch of the limited edition products is an effort to set itself apart from the competition, while offering a unique array of products, which will not be manufactured in bulk and will all be hand carved and signed by the artist.

A maximum quantity of 12 of each item will be produced, after which, production of those items will cease. It is hoped that the unique characteristics of these decorative products will make them highly collectible items as well as attractive home accents.

Initially the wood carvings will be available as tart burners and candle holders, and it is expected that eventually other hand carved wooden items will be added to the range of products.

The new line of products will be available in an enamel paint finish as well as polished natural wood.

It is expected that these products will start to become available toward the end of 2005.

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Herman Sequira
Owner/Manager - Gifts Unusual LLC
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