Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers

Let's admit it, the US and UK are both countries of dog lovers, and dog owners love to indulge their dogs like children. You only have to listen to a dog owner call out to their dog, playing in the park or field, to realise how devoted they can be. Being devoted, dog lovers, and their friends, like to give dog gifts. Dog lovers often refer to their dogs as "baby", or to themselves, when talking to the dog, as mummy or daddy. It's no surprise then that dog toys are a big market, and can make excellent dog lover gifts.

Choosing the right dog toys can be more difficult than you may think. The problem is, you probably "think" in a human way. Dog lovers, and those buying gifts for them, love to buy cute, squeaky toys for the dogs, or give them stuffed animals which they can chew on and carry around. That's really the human thinking in baby terms. The result is likely to be a dog lover gift for the dog lover, not the dog.

If you are buying a gift for a dog lover, or are a dog lover buying for your own dog, then try to remember that dog toys have no need to be cute to look at. A dog does not appreciate cuteness, so if you want a real dog gift, rather than a dog lover gift, then look for something practical, fun for the dog, durable, and safe.

The Best And Safest Toys For Dog Lover Gifts

An important consideration with gifts for dogs is size. Kongs, balls, and other common dog toys must be small enough that the dog can chew them and also carry them. However, they should not be so small that they can become lodged in the dog