Pet Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

'Tis the season for friends and family, eggnog and other
treats, and good times! During this busy time it can be
a challenge to juggle everything that needs to be done --
including caring for your four-legged friends. Here are
a few tips to help keep your furry friends safe for the

__No Chocolate, Please

Although Fido and Fluffy may be attracted to the smell and
taste of chocolate, in sufficient quantities, chocolate can
make her very sick. The result? Vomiting, diarrhea, and a
lovely holiday spent at the emergency vet clinic.

Be sure to store chocolate well away from pets. Open
counters or ledges are not good places -- some dogs may
'counter-surf', and cats easily reach counters (what's
worse, they can knock chocolate off the countertop and
straight into the path of enthusiastic dogs!).

__Tinsel's Pretty, But...

Although it's a popular decoration for trees, it can pose
a danger if your pet swallows it. It's possible for it to
cause an intestinal blockage -- and again, no one (least
of all your pet!) wants to spend the holidays undergoing

__What's That? Who's There?

Holidays are often filled with friends and family going
in and out of the house. If your pet is excitable or
tends to get stressed with noise and crowds, consider
placing her safely in a crate or a room that's "out-of-
bounds" to guests. Give her blankets, food, water, toys
... and check in with her regularly to make sure she's
okay. This will help to ensure your pet stays safely
with her family, rather than accidentally slipping out
the door.

__Mmm mmm! Extension cords!

With all the pretty lights during the holiday season, you
probably have a variety of extension cords running every
which way. Some pets have a real 'taste' for extension
cords -- keep an eye on them to prevent chewing, or they
could be in for a real 'shock'! Where possible, tie cords
out of the way. Some hardware stores also sell a plastic
tubing into which you insert cords to keep your gnawing
little pet from hurting herself.

Happy Holidays to you and your family -- both two-legged
and four-legged!

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