Spin-Orbit Duality, Astromechanics and Anti-Gravity

ANTIGRAVITY has long been the "holy grail" that scientists sought after. It was considered that when found, it would lead immediately to amazing flying machines.

Theories of antigravity have always been based on theories of gravity, and on the invention of "mathematical models" or "mind pictures" involving gravity PARTICLES or "Gravitrons".

The TRUE secret of antigravity was revealed in 2002 on my website. There are no outlandish claims about special particles, or mysterious "forces".

It is just the ORBITAL THRUST of a body when seen from that body. What you see from orbit is SPIN - so this must give a thrust.

From the Moon, the Earth turns just ONE degree every FOUR MINUTES. This may seem to be a trivial movement, but when turned backwards into orbit, it represents the 65,000 miles-per-hour orbital motion of the moon.

So astronomers ignore spin at their peril.

And those amazing MACHINES? Not just yet - you see, antigravity works at a DISTANCE.


Charles Douglas Wehner

An electronics engineer and technical author, born 1944, with extensive experience of computer, radar, safety equipment and instrumentation-and-control design. Such work led to a deeper study of the laws of nature, from which this discovery emerged.