Profit From Woody's Wisdom

"90% of success is showing up." These words, attributed to Woody
Allen, pack a lot of success savvy. So when Stan Rapp and Tom Collins write on marketing, I show up.

I showed up last week, all eyes and ears, scanned their
street-smarts, compared their stuff with my front-line findings,
captured some correlations. Here they are:

1. Love your clients:

Nothing beats this. Love them, care about them, empathize with
them -- all in addition to serving them superbly. Help them
feel better. Give them hope.

People today, regardless of their station in life, are inundated
with negativity from special interests, from society's
underbelly, from wild-eyed radicals with nothing to lose, from
downsizings and mergers, from inhumane unprincipled acts in
defiance of decency -- and callous disregard for valid interests.

Through your understanding, your presence and your positive
ideas, you have a chance to affect the attitudes and self-sense
of everybody you contact.

This, in turn, impacts productivity, sales and profits. That's
one way you make a difference -- the difference your clients
yearn for.

2. Deliver extra value:

Sweeten the deal with unexpected extras. Go the extra mile every
which way. Do more than is expected, more than is required, more
than anyone in their right mind would do!

Dazzle decision-makers with surprising extras. Make yourself
absolutely unforgettable. Here's how you do this: Pay resolute
attention to every possible detail. Amaze them with extras.
Extra thoughtfulness. Extra concern for their interests.
Extra care.

3. Build long-term relationships:

Let your first transaction signal the start of an enduring
connection. From the first contact, enter into their world.

See the world through their eyes. Guide them to make more of
themselves, to do more for their customers, their peers and their
employees. Make yourself invaluable by the depth and scope of
your insights. Touch their hearts and minds and lives.

4. Reinvent yourself continually:

Leverage your assets and your skills. Keep pushing the envelope.
Whatever you do, do it better tomorrow. Practice everlasting
enhancement of your attitudes and actions. Here's a role model for you:

I met Bob in 1984. Then he was a one-man business. He was
already the undisputed authority, the #1 person at doing what he does. He offered his services in the USA only.

Every year since then I've watched Bob persistently leverage his
assets and skills. He continues to reinvent himself. Today he has
a staff of juniors, a newsletter,and an array of different services offered world-wide.

How about you? Start reinventing yourself now. One day soon
I may write about you!

5. Rapp & Collins 3 Commandments:

I. Do more than enough.
II. Make a passionate commitment to your clients.
III. Find unique solutions.

* Here's their theme, repeated throughout their book:

"Have a passion for caring and daring."

Here's a set of 7 actions. Take these actions starting now.
Make your career -- and your profits -- soar!

1. Love your clients.
2. Deliver extra value.
3. Build long-term relationships.
4. Reinvent yourself continually.
5. Do more, far more, than enough.
6. Make an all-out, full-bore commitment to your clients.
7. Have a passion for caring and daring.

Beyond Maximarketing by Rapp and Collins is published by
McGraw Hill, NY. ISBN 0-070051343-0.

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