Quick steps to find out what you want to do with your life.

How To Find Out What You Want To Do With Your Life.

Knowing what you like to do and then finding someone to pay you for it is the key to happiness.

Motivational Speaker, Author and TV show host, Edward W. Smith, who specializes in quick tips on how to move your life ahead even faster, offers this advice on how to find out what you love to do

This is the "manila envelope" technique. Obtain a manila envelope, notepad and pen and carry it with you throughout the day. Each time you see something that interests you, find a way to save it in the envelope. Rip things out of publications, print things off the web, make notes on your pad, whatever, but preserve the thought in some way and put it in the manila envelope. Don't edit or censor your thoughts, if it interests you, put it in the folder. Nothing is too silly or out of bounds in any way. At the end of the day, save the manila envelope and start a new one for the next day.

Do the "manila envelope" exercise each day for 10 days straight. At the end of the 10 days empty all the envelopes and begin to sort the contents by a pattern, or something that lies beneath the specific thing that triggered the attraction to it. Some things were just random ideas, but you will find a pattern of things in others that stayed with you over the 10 days. These ideas that stayed with you over time is where you should concentrate your efforts to find what you truly want to do.

Take these core interests and explore jobs related to them without concern for money, or other factors. Can you do them part time, can you take courses related to them

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