Ray Ban Sun Glasses create the style you crave!

Ray Ban sun glasses are among the most highly rated sun glasses available. They offer many different styles and designs as well as sun glasses that offer different protections. The company is innovative in their designs. To find the best Ray Ban sun glasses for you, there are several places you can look including the internet.

Ray Ban sun glasses are rooted back to the days of Hollywood stars who wore their glasses and of course, began the fad of sun glasses that would follow. In 1936, the Ray Ban aviator sun glasses debuted and took off. 1937 brought the brand, Ray Ban. In the forties, Ray Ban works with the US Air Force to develop Gradient mirror lenses which offered great protection to the user. A decade later, Ray Ban glasses would be made with lots of color and large frames and they developed a line for women as well. The 60's brings shatterproof lenses and even more outrageous designs. As the years go by, sun glasses become more and more widespread. It is more of a habit to wear them now. The 70's offer Ambermatics, a lense that is tinted to allow for great vision in any type of light. Through the next years, Ray Ban would develop many lines of glasses. Most fall within their three types which are: the classic segment, the contemporary segment, and their progressive lines. All three offer innovative style and design.

Ray Ban sunglasses can be found anywhere glasses are sold. Now, this can be eyewear stores with prescriptions or mall stores. Department stores also carry Ray Ban sun glasses. And, you can find a wide range available online. It is also pretty easy to find a good deal on a pair of Ray Ban sun glasses as well. If you are using the internet as a guild, wholesale and discount Ray Ban Sun glasses are widely available. Since these glasses are widely desired for their quality and innovative styles and designs, Ray Ban sun glasses are an obvious pick for many.

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