Where is the fourth dimension anyway?

In 1996, I had an incredible shift in awareness, regarding what happens during group gatherings. The
dawning of this awareness began inconsistently a few years ago, as something I noticed periodically and
erroneously credited to the particular ceremony in progress, or the spiritual energy of the people I was
with at the time. Now, I understand that this experience is happening any time two or more are gathered.
Whenever two or more people come together--in love, fighting like dogs and cats, or total strangers; aware
of one another or oblivious to each other's presence; gathered for a defined spiritual purpose or a yard
sale--there are other dimensions involved and another level of communication going on. This is not
something I have found it easy to articulate. For example, what may be experienced as a simple,
third-dimensional event such as ordering a cheese-burger at a drive-through is, simultaneously, a
balancing of energies and an exchange of spiritual information between the customer and the person at the
drive-through counter. This higher event happens on another, parallel dimension. When one vibrates at a
sufficiently high frequency, this other dimension, the higher event, and the thoughtform energies
associated with it, become visible in the third-dimension.

It's like watching two television sets at once (I used to do that in department stores, and it always made me
feel strange--as if it meant something more than I could understand, which, of course, it did! It reminded
me of something I knew, but had forgotten was going on.), or looking at a split computer screen. Dual
reality exists at every moment. Since I've had this realization, I am quite often aware of an entire group of
soul energies in the parallel dimension, speaking to one another at the same time that another
conversation takes place on the physical level. For a time, I was constantly and acutely aware of this
duality of experience all the time. For me, it has become necessary to consciously choose to be less aware.
I found it hard to participate in the third-dimensional experiences I had chosen, so engrossed did I become
with how much more was transpiring on higher levels. This is hard to explain and, unless you have
actually experienced it, it may be difficult to follow what I am saying. It is the same realization I was
made acutely aware of when I was drawn to the site of the two automobile accidents I've written about. At
the time, I credited the gathering of higher aspects to be a direct result of the intensity of the energies
associated with such an event. Seeing Angels, loved ones who have passed on, etc., is common whenever
death is imminent or the fear of death is brought into the forefront of consciousness, as is the case with a
car crash. I assumed the thought-form energies appearing as beings were there because of the death
energies. Now, I understand them to be equally present at the grocery store, the laundromat, and the

This awareness has caused me to approach even the slightest encounter with another person differently
than I would have approached the same encounter before this awareness. I've become less concerned with
getting my dinner ordered, my laundry done, my check cashed, etc. In private conversation, it matters
less that I get my opinion voiced, my question asked, my statement made. I find myself caring less and
less what I actually say in lectures, or private healing sessions. Anything my ego mind plans to say will
be less effective than the higher voice, so why bother? I'm less result-oriented. Now, I wait to see the
bigger picture, the higher picture, come into focus. I allow higher communications to filter down to
physical consciousness. I understand, now, that those higher aspects are ever gathered and ready to assist
us in creating the optimal experience of exchange and communication. Assuming, always, unknown
reasons for any interaction, I wait for the real reason to show itself. The ego baits us with one idea. It
gets us there, and that's important. What we do after our arrival has a most exciting potential. When we
are willing to wait and to listen, we will find conversations shifting from the ego level--what we thought
we came together to discuss--to a higher level. If, on the other hand, we remain rigidly attached to
whatever we felt was the reason for the encounter, then we miss something--perhaps, something vital.

Leave room for the drawing down of the higher voice--that voice is the reason for your coming together
with another, no matter how coincidental or random an interaction may seem and no matter what you
thought the meeting was about. These higher aspects, or soul energies are subtle magnets, drawing
related groups together for integration, balance and the remembering of ancient purpose. The fourth
dimension is right here, right now. We can enter it at will, once we remember the vibration of energy
required. Watch the other screen!

Excerpted from Moon Lodge Visions: An Acceleration Handbook. More on the book can be found at http://www.healthynewage.com/moonlodge.html

Neva Howell is a visionary writer, wellness counselor, intuitive reader, workshop presenter and spiritual healer. Her bio is located at http://www.healthynewage.com/bio.html