Valentine's Day - How It All Began

A brief history of some of the origins we now associate with St. Valentine's Day.
The origin of St. Valentine's day is a matter of some debate. Feb. 14 was the feast day of several Christian martyrs who are credited with being St. Valentine, and each has his own story. The most popular version of the legend describes St. Valentine as a Roman Priest or Bishop who defied Emperor Claudius II (268 - 170 A.D.), when he decreed it illegal for people to marry, or become engaged. The emperor reasoned that marriage distracted men from becoming soldiers and fighting wars. With a soft spot for young people however, Valentine (his real name was Valentinus) secretly married several couples and was beaten and beheaded as a result. To add an even more romantic twist to the tale, it is said that Valentine himself fell in love with his jailer