Anthrax as a Natural Curse and Dangerous Biological Weapon

Several cases of cruelty of terrorists are still remembered among those who were terrified by the white envelopes sent to countries that took active part in the war of Afghanistan. What that deadly packages carried, were the spores of anthrax that caused one of the most terrible diseases existing. We know the saying that lack of information does not release from responsibility, so it is better to know all the details about the malady to discover it on time. Anthrax is a disease existing among animals, cattle and sheep in particular. Nevertheless it can be transferred to a human being if he or she is in direct contact with an infected animal. The regions of great danger are South and Central America, South and Eastern Asia, Africa and several countries of the Middle East. The symptoms show up in less than a week after being infected.

To disclose the symptoms of anthrax we have to know the ways the infection spreads. One of the possible ways to get infected is to get spores onto one