How To Spot A Fib

One afternoon, Joe went outside and found Gary standing on the roof of the garage. Since that seemed like a pretty cool place for a kid to be, Joe asked Gary how he got up on the roof. Gary pointed to a tree about fifteen feet from the garage and told Joe that he had climbed the tree, dangled from a branch, swung himself, and leaped over to the garage roof.

Determined to accomplish a similar feat, Joe promptly climbed up into the tree, reaching a level that was several feet higher than the garage roof, lowered himself from a branch and began swinging toward the garage. With a high flying effort, Joe got up enough momentum to make a try, and let go of the branch.

After hitting the ground about 10 feet from the garage, and recovering his wind, Joe said "I didn't make it." Gary looked down at Joe, still on his back, and said, "Hmmm. Oh, that's right...I guess I must have climbed up the tree right here NEXT to the garage! I guess I forgot it was that one instead of the one you climbed. Sorry."

As it turned out, Gary had plenty of time to make his escape before Joe could get to him for his little "mistake".

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