View from the Stage: Six Pounds Tall!

The other day I was "putzing" around in the garage when Andrew, (my "little guy") approached. With great curiosity asked "whatcha doin' Dad?""I'm building an atomic fission accelerator little guy," I teased. "Oh, Can I watch?" (no doubt he had never seen anyone build one of those before...) "Sure."

It wasn't long before Andrew's attention drifted from my work to a twenty-five foot measuring tape laying on the bench nearby. After examining it for a moment, he proceeded to measure the distance between my left knee and my right wrist. He studied the numbers with great intensity, then he was ready to present his findings. "Gee Dad, you're Six Pounds Tall!" he said with obvious pride.

I contained my laugher and delight and answered, "Well Andrew, looks like I'm growing again." "Yes" he said, "we all are." And do you know something? He was right.

I showed him how to clip the end of the tape onto an object and to read the numbers. Immediately after acquiring this new skill, Andrew was off on a mission to quantify his world. He measured and measured and measured for hours.

It can be like that for us onstage. We have wonderful equipment